10 July 2010

What have I been upto?

It has been a while since I last posted....and so much has happened. Convention in Sydney, a weekend away on the farm with Judy and Morris....the kids had so much fun, well we all did actually. I'll post some photos later.

But the last seven to 10 days has been devoted to my youngest Jacob, who has type 1 diabetes. Back in January of this year Jacob took the huge step to try the insulin pump to better manage his diabetes. We have had a few ups and downs along the way but overall the positives out weighted the negatives. He had even put weight on, which is a good thing as he is very thin. Well the last 2 line changes have been a real nightmare, even with numbing cream on to make the cannula insertion pain free, Jacob still refused to have his line changed.

So as always we have respected Jacob's rights to his body and gone back to multiple injections. Maybe with time and support Jacob will decide to try the pump again and overcome his fears, as the flexibility with the pump was awesome.....

My eldest, Courtney performed in the school musical a fortnight ago and how proud was I, all the hard work that she did with rehearsals really paid off, the whole cast were absolutely amazing. Even all the work and personal time that the teachers put in showed....

Now to the fun part, one of my recent creations.....

I'll be back later tonight to post some more.....
So take care
Scrapin Mel

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