28 February 2009

Love something for free????

This is the first time that I am offering blog candy??? and hope there to be many more.

Depending on my response to this post from all you surfies out there, I may have just have to offer 2 kits instead of 1.

As these are leftovers from a class, scabby aren't I, lol.... I would like your opinion on what you think and whether you would like to see some more kits that I have to sell at a reasonable price.

Most of the kits would be off the page items, this is my favourite. Why make something that your have put your heart & soul into and store it in an album. I love to display my creations around the house as you can see below.

Anyway back to the CANDY, leave me a comment and I shall let my darling ferrals, opps I mean children choose a winner or two. So lots of crawling is what I need to hear, no only joking. Just give me your honest opinions before next Saturday, March 8 and I shall announce the winner or winners next Saturday evening.

Best of luck,


Scrapin Mel


Kimmy said...

I think everything you do is fabulous - and yes, we want to see more of your kits to purchase! :)

Odette said...

Hi Melis,
For this shoe invitation a used a die from accucut. For more info visit their site: www.accucut.com
I hope this helps and thank you for your comment!

Juliana said...

hello Mel I love your blog as you know I would love to see more of your kits. XXXX


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