26 June 2009

Good bye Claws!!!

It is sad today for our family, as our beloved kitten, Claws was found dead this morning in a neighbours front garden.
We had all really grown to the warmth, affection and of course attitude from Claws. He would hide behind a tree or bush and give a huge bear hug/jump out at you when you least expected it. One of his traits.... that even the regular walkers which pasted our house would be waiting for or looking out for him to do his usual stunts of bear hugs as we called them. It was quiet funny to watch.
Claws had even gained the regular attention from my hubby who is not really a cat person with his regular antics. Then our neighbours who thought he was just so cute! as he made himself known with regular visits and leg rubs.
It is a shame that Claws has past on at a young age of almost 7months. The kids have really felt it, especially Jacob as he found Claws this morning after he had died. We really don't know what happened as he looked perfectly normal, no injuries or war wounds were visible. I hope that when Claws died, he was not in any pain.... My darling hubby did the backyard burial and cross this afternoon which was lovely.... we all had a cry and said our goodbyes....
So until next time....
Scrapin Mel

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Sue Denning said...

So sorry to hear your bad news.

Rest in the comfort that others are thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

Claws is now in Kitty Heaven with an over abundance of sardines and tuna. What more could the little kitty want.


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