15 June 2009

New back ground.....

Well I came across this background from Kez's blog (KB Papercrafts - you'll find on my side bar) that means so much to our family, as Jacob my 10 year old has Juvenile Diabetes also know as Type 1 Diabetes. So let pray that in the very near future that the CURE is found.
It was 12months on 20th of April this year since Jacob was diagnosed. He is so brave, in the fact that he does all of his own injections, 5 every day in total. Then there is all of those finger pricks to measure his BGL's and you know what? He rarely complains and just does it. His specialist his Suzanna, is just wonderful and praises him every three months when we see her, about how brave and grown up he has become with taking all of this on board.
Then to top if off, Jacob just loves hockey. Last year he played in the under 11 ACT side and had a ball. This year he has made it into the training squad for the ACT Public Schools, and after several training sessions he may be chosen to represent the ACT at Newcastle, in August to trial for the Australian Public Schools Representative side. It is just amazing that even if you have an illness and you love something enough that it will not hold you back. Just means that Mum and Dad have to keep working to pay for all these adventures. LOL
I had better give my beautiful daughter a mention about how she is always there when I need a helping hand with her brother that is, not the house work that is classified as a four letter word in her eyes. But hey, she loves her little brother and feels his pain, you can see it every time she watches him have an injection.
It is so funny you know, one minute world war 3 has just broken out, and the next thing they are helping each other, just normal I suppose, you have gotta love it???
These are some of our ups and downs in life, that could be a lot worse than they are and that is my out look on life....
So until next time,
Scrapin Mel

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